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When it Began

Originating in the UK, Scentric Solutions spent 12 years refining and perfecting its formulas before moving across and entering the UAE market. The Scentric team are an incredibly passionate and varied group of individuals who have used their talents to provide solutions across a multitude of companies within various industries. Providing the ultimate memorable and high-end experience using the magic of scent.

Here at Scentric Solutions, our team has watched the diffuser and scenting industry blossom and bloom, with expert technology to empower the human senses. Scentric is primarily an air purifying solutions company, but underneath we hold the human experience at heart. The perfect scent can inspire employees to work harder, smarter and happier plus when used in the right places across venues, spas, malls and private residences, Scentric air purifiers have the power to change the entire energy and vibe in its surrounding location.

The Science of Smell

Our sense of smell is believed to affect 70% of our daily emotions. The close connection between the olfactory gland, which registers smell, and the limbic system, that governs emotion and memories, is the power behind our sense of smell. Scent receptors in the nose connect directly to the section of the brain that is responsible for memory and emotion. This is why a smell has the ability to transport you to a certain time and place, linking back to a particular memory or feeling.

Humans can remember approximately 10,000 distinct odours that are capable of triggering important memories. These memories can transport us back to different times and places across the span of our lives. Making us feel a vast range of emotions, which when used properly can have a whole host of benefits to a persons’ everyday life.

Importance of Scent Branding

In today’s competitive business environment, creating memorable experiences and emotional connections with consumers is critical to win consumer spending and long-term brand loyalty. Smell is the most powerful sense we have; it connects us to our emotions. By using scent, brands are able to connect with consumers on a deeper emotional level, resulting in a more memorable experience. Scent can attract new customers, increase sales, create brand recognition, increase perception and customer satisfaction. Academic and industry research reveal that incorporating scent has a profound impact on how consumers regard a brand. The right scenting solution can enhance the in-store experience, creating a comfortable and positive environment which can create the perfect ambiance for your clients, employees and customers. Scent can also help differentiate your business from your competitors.

Is scent branding right for your industry?

Scentric specialises in creating a range of signature scents to best suit anyone’s needs.
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